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    5 Reasons to Select Paving Stones Over Concrete

    The walkway or drive that leads to your home should be both a personal statement and a reflection of your

    good taste. What’s more, the materials should stand up to the weather, look great for years at a time and not be a burden

    with costly, involved maintenance.

    Concrete was the favored material for years because it met some of these criteria. But today paving stones are the clear choice. Here are five reasons


    1. Stains and other imperfections can be easily hidden with pavers

    If you splash a little oil on a concrete drive, the stain usually becomes an ugly, permanent blemish. Not so

    with pavers. These can be quickly flipped or replaced so you always have a surface that looks pristine.

    2. Pavers come in a wide range of attractive colors and designs

    Mixing and matching all the possible different combinations will give you a unique drive or patio every time.

    The different ways you can put paving stones together are limited only by your imagination.

    3. A paver walkway is ready to go from the time it's installed

    Unlike concrete, which can take three to five days before it’s ready for traffic, there’s no curing period with

    pavers — and no waiting.

    4. It's easier to make adjustments with pavers

    When a concrete base shifts, cracking can result in costly repairs that are visible even when they’ve been

    professionally done. It’s much easier to deal with a paver’s base that has moved. Just remove the stones over the affected

    area, level if needed, then replace the same pavers for a finish that looks as good as new.

    5. Better drainage means a secure paver surface

    Pavers are solid under your feet. Because of all the joints between paving stones, rain drains away much more

    easily than it does from flat concrete surfaces. This feature makes pavers much more slip-resistant.

    Upgrading to pavers is the right choice for several reasons. This is a durable, worry-free material that will

    last for years.

    Use Paving Stones to Transform Your Outdoor Space

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